DEMO Free Mold Removal, Air Quality Testing, HVAC Sterilization!


My Mold Masters - DEMO Free Mold Removal

My Mold Masters - DEMO Free Mold Removal

My Mold Masters - DEMO Free Mold RemovalMy Mold Masters - DEMO Free Mold Removal

Proudly Serving Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor & surrounding Central Florida

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About Us

Our Mission

Here at My Mold Masters, our goal as a leading remediation company is to provide residents throughout Central Florida with the most effective and efficient mold removal and remediation services. We use an EPA approved system that is guaranteed to kill microbes that are lingering in your home or commercial property. 

Our mold specialists are comfortable tackling even the most unfavorable mold situations. Throughout the years, we have successfully disinfected gymnasiums, medical clinics, daycares, rental properties, single family homes, and more.

How We Do It

Our dry fog technology ensures mold levels in your property are safely & quickly brought down to a healthy level. We even offer a 1 year guarantee, because we have complete confidence in our services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our team members. We look forward to providing you with a fresh, clean home or office!

Services Offered

Mold Remediation

Mold bloom, growth on furniture in a Saint Petersburg home

According to Mayo Clinic, 93% of chronic sinus infections are linked to mold. Our mold remediation services offer quick removal for your family's health and peace of mind. Treatments generally last 3 hours or less, so you can get back to your life quickly .

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing outside gives a baseline for mold spores in your neighborhood in Dunedin, FL

We offer mold air quality testing to find out whether or not mold is present in your home. Additionally, a we can tell you what types of mold are present and if they are a hazard to your health.

Mold Sanitization & Sterilization

Black mold growing on a door frame in St Petersburg

We use an exciting and innovative technology that allows us to kill mold and protect future problems without invasive demo or down time. Our process is fast, effective, and certified green!

Mold Removal

Sickness, asthma and other serious health problems are almost always accompanied by levels of high mold. Mold isn’t always easy to spot with the naked eye, and a large buildup can potentially harm the body. This is why it is so important to have certified mold inspection done on your home or office. Quite often you don't know that you have a mold problem until you start feeling side effects, and that is too much of a gamble to take when it comes to your health.

As a professional mold removal company with years of experience, we have learned the most effective mold treatment techniques to date.

Our mold removal services include:

  • Certified Mold Inspections
  • Mold Cleaning Service
  • Mold Removal
  • Sanitization & Sterilization of Mold
  • Mold Detection
  • Mold Treatment
  • Mold and Toxic Material Testing

Not only are our methods more efficient than those of other mold removal companies, they are also more cost effective. Hiring the professionals at My Mold Masters will save you time and money. Give us a call today at (813) 606-6668 for all of your mold removal needs. We look forward to working with you at your home or business!

A leaky upstairs toilet caused this black mold bloom on the drywall in a townhouse garage in Tampa.

A leaky upstairs toilet caused this black mold bloom on the drywall in a townhouse garage in Tampa.

Black mold growing on a aluminum window sill in a mobile home in Ocala

Mold Sanitization & Sterilization

Mold is part of our natural environment, and affects everyone differently. However, there is a consensus that mold spore counts indoors should be kept lower than the outside spore counts. We can help you and your house achieve that goal.

When you request My Mold Masters for a mold consultation, we can provide you with air quality testing, so you can find out whether or not mold is present in your home. Additionally, a mold consultation will tell you if the mold in your home processes a health hazard. Certain types of mold can poison your home by releasing toxins called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins require a mold removal service to insure that your friends, family, children, clients, pets, etc. are safe in your home or business.

These are certain side effects that you may notice that require immediate testing of your air quality:

  • Heightened allergies
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Congestion 
  • Skin rashes and irritation
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings 
  • Wheezing
  • Nosebleeds

Mold Masters is prepared to deliver a professional and reliable mold consultation to assess the potential dangers of your home's mold levels. If your mold levels are high, our mold remediation process is quick and painless. This will help you quickly resume your day to day life.

Learn More

Contact us today for a consultation. Not only will we help you eliminate the toxic mold in your house, we will help education you on what is best for your home's air quality from that day forward.

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Please feel free to drop us a line. We are here for you at any time by call/text at 813-606-6668 or at

My Mold Masters

1350 CR 1, Unit 1362, Dunedin, Florida 34697, United States

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